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The Aramedes Mecca Mastertimer Salat

In a previous article, we discussed a new brand with a revolutionary ideaAramedes, a Swiss company from the German-speaking side, specifically in the city of Zurich. Aramedes aims to combine advanced technology with classic watches to offer a watch that is as beautiful as it is practical.

During Dubai Watch Week 2021, the global launch of the brand took place. Since then, the company has continued to move forward, introducing new editions. The coming years promise a lot, according to Co-Founder and CEO Tom Morf. Aramedes offers two distinctive collections: the Mecca Collection and the Zürich Collection. and today we have in our hands the Aramedes Mastertimer Salat, the latest edition from Mecca collection.


Grain finishing

A decorative pattern or texture applied to the surface of the dial. It gives the watch dial a finish that resembles barley grains. The grain pattern is achieved by engraving a series of fine and evenly spaced lines on the surface of the dial. These lines can be oriented horizontally, vertically, or radially, depending on the desired aesthetic effect. The purpose of adding the grain pattern to the dial is to enhance its visual appeal by creating a delicate texture that captures light and adds depth to the overall design.

Usually, the grain pattern is achieved using specialized techniques such as "guilloché". These techniques involve the use of machines or lathes that are operated manually to create consistent and uniform lines on the surface of the dial. The intensity and pattern of the grains can vary, ranging from fine and delicate grains to more prominent and bold ones.

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