on April 8, 2016 over a lunch meeting in the a Restaurant in Zürich Pascal Stübi and Tom Morf discuss an idea of classic timepieces into the digital age, they said what if we take everything we love about Swiss watchmaking and advanced technology and combining them as only we can a mechanical movements, high tech, and classic design, all intelligently integrated to form a watch that is as beautiful as it is clever. and during Dubai Watch Week was the global launch for the brand. The idea Building a bridge between different cultures The founders wanted to stir up the Swiss watch industry Accepting the technical challenge. 
The name of the company, Aramedes, originated from the founders' highest respect and appreciation for Islamic culture, which boasts a rich history and noteworthy achievements in literature, philosophy, science, medicine, mathematics, and art. The significance of sunrise and sunset as essential elements in the Muslim world is crucial for those who observe their spiritual and religious practices on a daily basis. Therefore, the meaning behind the name Aramedes is as follows:
Ara = Arabian Peninsula (the cradle of Islam)

Me = Mecca / Medina (the two holy cities)

Des = Design / Engineering / Switzerland