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The Aramedes Mecca Mastertimer Salat

In a previous article, we discussed a new brand with a revolutionary ideaAramedes, a Swiss company from the German-speaking side, specifically in the city of Zurich. Aramedes aims to combine advanced technology with classic watches to offer a watch that is as beautiful as it is practical.

During Dubai Watch Week 2021, the global launch of the brand took place. Since then, the company has continued to move forward, introducing new editions. The coming years promise a lot, according to Co-Founder and CEO Tom Morf. Aramedes offers two distinctive collections: the Mecca Collection and the Zürich Collection. and today we have in our hands the Aramedes Mastertimer Salat, the latest edition from Mecca collection.

Editorial Highlights of the World of Watches in 2023

The year 2023 marked a dynamic period in the watch industry. After successfully overcoming the repercussions of the pandemic, the sector experienced continued growth. The industry upheld its traditions, blending craftsmanship with significant technological advancements to maintain the high-quality standards synonymous with the field. Notably, environmental preservation became a priority for most companies. The year saw the emergence of exciting collaborations among various companies, giving rise to several innovative ventures. Additionally, special festive watches added a unique touch to the industry landscape. Let's delve into the milestones that shaped the watchmaking scene in this remarkable year.


Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023: March 27 to April 2nd, 2023

The innovations were numerous, as were the expectations. Watches and Wonders has redoubled in creativity. Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023 closed with record figures, with 43,000 unique visitors (22,000 in 2022) over the whole week, 5,400 retailers, 125 nationalities, and 35,000 overnight stays, while the number of end-consumers doubled during the first five days. This hub now extends well beyond Palexpo and offers the Salon new horizons. The "In the City" experience marks an important turning point in the development of Watches and Wonders Geneva, See you in spring 2024 April 9-15, 2024.


Waqt Platform's Inception, the first and only integrated Arabic watch platform in the Middle East

The birth of the Waqt platform added a new dimension to the horology. the premier watches platform in the Middle East. Our unwavering commitment is to provide an unparalleled and all-encompassing coverage of watch news and events in this enthralling industry.


Geneva watch days 

The curtains have closed on this year's Geneva Watch Days, the event that unfolded from August 29 to September 2. This edition set a remarkable record with 39 participating brands and drew in a substantial crowd of nearly 1,500 industry professionals, comprising 600 media representatives and 300 retailers from around the globe. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Geneva, the Rotonde du Mont Blanc pavilion hosted a public exhibition for four days, attracting an impressive 8,000 enthusiastic visitors. As we reflect on the timepieces unveiled during these unforgettable days, delve into Waqt curated selection of top picks that stood out in this vibrant and dynamic showcase of horological excellence.

Rolex Shocks the Watch World by Taking Over Bucherer in a Remarkable Move

 August 2023 In a surprising move, Rolex announced a strategic move that signifies Rolex's entry into direct consumer sales, the Swiss watch giant has acquired Bucherer AG, a prominent luxury watch retailer with a global presence of over 100 stores. This acquisition integrates Bucherer's expansive retail and distribution network into Rolex's fold, enhancing its visibility and stature in the luxury watch market. read the full article from here.


Only Watch 2023 postponed,  following numerous questions raised about the allocation of the auction proceeds

This year's Only Watch charity auction has been postponed until sometime in 2024. The decision was made by the Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies (AMM), the founding group that has organized Only Watch auctions since its inaugural edition in 2005. The auction, aimed at raising funds to accelerate research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, has always been a hallmark event for the horological community. However, a few days before the scheduled auction on October 23, 2023, questions arose regarding the allocation of funds and the governance of the AMM, an association representing patients' families. The delay provides an opportunity for the organization to address these concerns and ensure the continued success of this charitable initiative.

The biggest event of 2023, Dubai watch Week 

 the 6th edition of Dubai Watch Week, the event went above and beyond expectations, uniting over 60 brands in a single venue and showcasing the launch of numerous special and distinguished editions.. Boasting more than 23,000 attendees, over 20 watch launches (including 10 international debuts), and 32 masterclasses, this year's event stood out as the largest ever. Notably, unlike other exhibitions, it was entirely free for watch enthusiasts, ensuring accessibility and making it a truly unique experience for all. Explore the  most remarkable  highlights of Dubai Watch Week 2023.


Swatch's Collaboration with Blancpain

Swatch, a brand known for its creativity, took center stage with a notable collaboration. collaboration with Blackpain has left enthusiasts eager to witness the unique designs that emerge from this creative alliance.


Louis Vuitton Collaboration With Akrivia, LVRR-01 edition

This surprising move from the genius Watchmaker REXHEP REXHEPI, surprised everyone in the field of horology. Akrivia, recognized for its high-end watchmaking, entered into a prestigious collaboration with Louis Vuitton. This collaboration signals a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary luxury, offering watch aficionados a new level of sophistication.


1916 Emerges as a New Contender

The watch industry welcomed a new company, 1916, into its fold. The new enterprise is the result from the merger of renowned brands including WatchBox, Govberg, Radcliffe, and Hyde Park Jewelers. In addition, The 1916 Company seeks to unite the primary and secondary markets under a single, cohesive brand, incorporating over 20 boutiques and Collector’s Lounges in major watch markets across the globe.


Breitling's acquisition of Universal Geneva, one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers

Breitling, a brand synonymous with precision and innovation, made headlines by acquiring Universal. This strategic move is expected to strengthen Breitling's position in the industry and bring forth exciting developments for watch enthusiasts.


As we look back on the events that shaped the watch industry in 2023, it becomes evident that this year signifies a period of evolution, highlighting the industry's resilience and capacity to adapt. The introduction of new players adds a renewed vigor to the intense competition among companies. These advancements collectively indicate a promising future for enthusiasts of timepieces. Stay connected with us on the Waqt platform, where we will bring you updates on all significant developments, both substantial and nuanced.